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Music Teacher Review Musical Trixstar Grade 1 Download Game

Set for success Rhinegold Music Teacher Magazine review the fab new Musical Trixstar Grade 1 app in the Jan. 2012 publication. Over 2000 trial downloads took place between November & December 2011 making this the hot new way to learn & revise grade 1 music theory. Go to www.musicaltrixstar.com now & purchase either a download or CD Rom version of the app that’s rocking music all over the UK.

Music Theory Grade 1 App

Welcome to Music Theory UK
The fun way to learn music theory either at home or school brought to you by the highly acclaimed Musical Trixstar Team.
Music Theory Grade 1 App

Grade1 Music Theory App. Downloads start at only £4.50, click here to try. WATCH THE VIDEO

The new & unique fun music theory grade 1 app is a revolutionary step forward within learning music theory that will inspire you to learn by playing again & again on your computer.

The app covers both the ABRSM & Trinity Guildhall UK Examining Syllabuses & is suitable for school or at home.


It’s not just good, it’s really good & comes highly recommended by YAMAHA UK -

“Wow. At last, a fantastic modern & fun approach to learning music theory”

Features include:

  • General music knowledge
  • Famous music themes
  • Instant feedback
  • ABRSM & Trinity Guildhall Syllabuses
  • Infinite plays

Start making music theory fun now & click here to try.