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playpad iPad app School KS2 Workshops from Musical Trixstar

The fantastic new ipad app from Musical Trixstar is producing exciting music making workshops all over the UK.

Book one of these fresh and novel KS2 music workshops at your school and see how learning music can be fun.

email: info@musicaltrixstar.com for more details.

The awesome new ‘playpad’ iPad app is here! Music theory online read & learn music from Musical Trixstar

The playpad is a fun musical instrument in its own right. The ingenious concept of playing the musical stave helps learners quickly understand the relationship between lines and spaces by physically playing the distances and hearing it.

Taking music learning a step further than ever before this clever iPad app helps you compose, sight read, play tunes you know in your head, find the notes in treble/bass clef and play chords.

You can turn on the notes and see what your playing and change key signature. It’s touch sensitive so don’t forget to tap twice for flats and three times for a sharp!

Awesome fun for everyone and available from the apple app store for only 69p.

The playpad is making learning music fun for everyone

Music Teacher Review Musical Trixstar Grade 1 Download Game

Set for success Rhinegold Music Teacher Magazine review the fab new Musical Trixstar Grade 1 app in the Jan. 2012 publication. Over 2000 trial downloads took place between November & December 2011 making this the hot new way to learn & revise grade 1 music theory. Go to www.musicaltrixstar.com now & purchase either a download or CD Rom version of the app that’s rocking music all over the UK.