Music Theory UK works with exceptional leading figure heads across the UK with an abundance of knowledge dealing with your every need.

Mark Percival – Musical Trixstar

20121226-152749.jpgAn acclaimed international brand promoting fun, innovative music problem solving products including grade 1 theory software, beginner music theory board games and recently the revolutionary iPad music stave instrument – ‘Playpad’.

The team conduct exciting workshops and presentations throughout the UK including iPad sessions using the Blues theme to schools and music hubs.

David Kirtlan – Elsium

20121224-164521.jpgElsium has had an impressive year which has taken us from strength to strength. Our director, David Kirtlan, set up Elsium after managing a large provision at one of the country’s largest FE colleges with an HE provision. His teaching experience spans across all levels, including FE and HE learning.

Over the last year, from London to Aberdeen, Moscow to Ankara, Dubai to Kuwait and everything in between, Elsium has been involved with some of the most prominent organisations within education, as well as working with primary and secondary schools, and councils throughout the UK and beyond.

Bill C Martin Consultancy

20121224-165639.jpgTrusted advisers, consultants & enablers for music education hubs & schools

We are strategic guides, creative problem solvers, brand architects and communications artists.
We love enabling clients to find the best path through a range of strategic challenges and build the internal and external business relationships that will help them.

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